About Us

Ascendant Global Incorporated (AGI), its subsidiaries and affiliates, are involved in the Display Optics (AGI-Osram), Personal Care (WeissLab), and Media industries.  Driven by a pool of proven corporate and business thought leaders, AGI’s go-to-market strategies revolve around the fundamentals of Product Excellence, Best Pricing, and Outstanding Service.

AGI is also engaged in charitable activities. AGI currently is in the process of developing a system to provide scholarships to deserving High School and College students around the Philippines

AG Trading (AGI-Osram) Taking the market by storm — Ascendant Global sets the pace in the Display Optics Industry in the Philippines with an aggressive position on Price, Service, and Warranty. Ascendant Global seamlessly brings the leading technologies of the world’s number one, OSRAM, to the Philippine market. Ascendant Global is Osram’s Official Distribution partner for all Entertainment, Semiconductor, Medical and Industrial applications in the Philippines.